Baby deer waited with his dead mother for days before being hit by car and left to die


A baby deer had sat beside his deceased mother for days, before he was hit by a car and left to die.

A passerby found the fallow deer fawn on the road in Melbourne in South Derbyshire, who also found his mother’s body in a ditch nearby.

It’s thought she had been dead for days with her fawn waiting with her.

It has become the third deer in three weeks to be brought to Etwall-based Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue.

A spokesman for the centre said: “This beautiful fallow deer fawn has been brought in by a couple after they came across him at the side of the road in Melbourne. While picking him up, they noticed an adult female dead in the ditch but it looked like she had been dead for a few days.

“This baby was waiting with his dead mother and ventured out into the road before being hit by a car – the driver leaving him for dead.

“The roads around the area are notorious for deer casualties due to the amount of vehicles using the lanes and often travelling at 60mph.

“This is the third deer in three weeks that we have taken in. The first was a roebuck who was hit on the A38 and had to be euthanised after his back legs were virtually ripped off, the second was a female fallow fawn from Rugeley who was hit by a car and passed away; and now this young lad.

“He’s been given medication to combat shock, pain relief and fluids. He may need x-rays but will also need two wounds stitching if all is clear.”

It’s not the first time a baby deer has proven itself to be devoted.

Several years ago, an adorable video captured the story of a man who rescued a lame baby deer when she was abandoned by her mother, and left in a field for predators.

Deer stalker Darius spotted the fawn struggling to keep up with her family after something seemed to be wrong with one of her front legs.

Eventually, the baby deer was forced to give up walking and collapsed into a heap on the grass.

Her mother and sibling walked off without her and never returned.

Thankfully, Darius was on hand to rescue the fawn and take her home to recover at his house.

The pair became inseparable but Darius explained that the best place for the baby deer was to be back in the wild with her mother.

But when Darius attempted to release her back to her family, the baby deer seemed a little reluctant to go.

In the clip she is seen running a full pelt after her rescuer as he attempts to exit the field and leave her with her mother.

Alongside his YouTube video, Darius wrote: “A deer doe abandoned one of her twin fawns, the fawn had injured leg and could not keep up with the mother.

“I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets, but this was special situation. The baby deer was healed and released back to her real mother.

“The doe and two her fawns are still around, we see them through the summer and the autumn.”