Violent drunk jailed after breaking wife’s jaw and hitting her with a heater


A violent drunk has been jailed after launching an attack on his wife, and strangling her, before breaking her jaw.

Carl Tymon, 48, from Solihull initiated a violent assault on his wife during a prolonged attack at his home, where he tried to strangle the victim and hit her with a metal pole, reported Birmingham Live.

It had been reported that the 48-year-old was with his partner – the victim – for many years, although at the time of the attack were separated.

Michael Spratt, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said: “This was a brutal and sustained attack which took place over a lengthy period of almost four hours.”

The defendant lived on a top floor flat, and around 9pm on March 12 this year, his wife had gone to visit him.

She had also taken her sister with her, because she usually had a calming influence on Tymon. He was initially calm during their meeting, but matters “rapidly turned for the worse”.

Soon after arriving at Tymon’s apartment, the pair began arguing in the kitchen about her “seeing other persons”.

It was claimed the argument became physical, with him slapping her across the face, and at one point the victim grabbed a plate from a draining board and hit Tymon over the head with it.

That reaction became the “catalyst” for his behaviour to deteriorate even further.

Mr Spratt said they had been rolling around the floor, and the worse part of the violence occurred when he got up onto the arm of a sofa in the living room and jumped on her head and face.

“He then began stamping on her face and she thought she heard a crack,” he told the court.

The victim appeared to be knocked unconscious for a while before Tymon hit her with a heater, as well as a metal pole from a vacuum cleaner, striking her across the back four or five times and causing her to fall.

The defendant also appeared to be strangling his wife – who was gasping for breath – before her sister intervened and immediately prised him away.

Mr Spratt said that Tymon also tried to put his thumbs into the victim’s eyes.

She and her sister did eventually manage to get out of the property after the sister dragged her by her legs, with the defendant – who was still being angry and abusive – pulling in the opposite direction.

He said when police arrived they found a scene of “carnage and devastation”.

Tymon, who had previously admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, was jailed for five-and-a-half years.

In passing sentence, Judge Melbourne Inman QC said it was clear Tymon had been drinking, and that the victim’s sister had tried to protect her from a “drunken and violent male”.

Jonathan Barker, defending, said the defendant had problems with alcohol and drugs, and for many years their marriage had been a happy one.